Afshin Cohen

Composer, Sound Designer

Some feedback from fans.  Thank you!

"Hello there. It is really a pleasure to buy this soundtrack (Dungeon Defenders). You have such a talent to make the player feel like a hero even if his character does not wear any pants! Fantastic job!"
-- TRI-VU BUI -- 26 February 2012
"I'm happy to support what you do! Keep up the good work, the sound track you made for DD is a pleasure to listen to."
-- Jordan Nelson -- 24 March 2012

"I love the dramatics of your music! Can't get enough!"
-- Benjamin Koder -- 28 October 2012

"The musics fits perfectly the game. You did a wonderful job."
-- Enguerrand Saminadin -- 05 December 2012

"Just want to say that this game is amazing and the music is spectacular. The music fits perfectly with everything and makes the battle sequences feel epic. Thanks for all of your work on the music for this game!"
-- Jordan Watson -- 28 December 2012

"I love your music, DD music is just great!"
-- Raquel Reckmann Santibanez -- 11 January 2013

"I don't often buy video game music. When I do, it's yours.  Not (really) a gamer; have a PS3 for Netflix and the wife & I thought we'd try out some highly-rated cooperative games. Dungeon Defenders was the most up our alley, and "The Tavern" is an exemplary earworm.  Well done, fellow Atlantan!"
-- Aaron Benoy -- 26 February 2013

"Downloaded your music from the Humble Bundle with the Dungeon Defenders OST and looked you up. Your piano playing is amazing! Thanks for sharing your talent."
-- Jeremy Parsons -- 13 March 2013

"Very inspirational Soundtrack, cheers!"
-- Tim van der Beek -- 27 May 2013

"The music is this game is absolutely beautiful. The winter themes being my favourite; I listen to them all the time for inspiration. You have done something amazing here. Cheers."
-- Kyle Wolf -- 05 November 2013

"The Dungeons songs are sincerely the most amazing pieces of orchestrated goodness I've heard in years."
-- Felix Dion Robidoux -- 08 December 2013

"Some of the best game music I've ever heard. Gorgeous."
-- Vennie Nemecek -- 06 March 2014

"The music in DD is amazing and adds a lot to the game. I have enjoyed the game for over 3k hours now and still going and part of that is definitely because of the music. It just doesn't get old. Thanks."
-- Travis Bloyd -- 06 April 2014

"You have made some of the most memorable OST to a game that has burned hundreds of hours into my life and I appreciate every minute I hear one of your songs playing."
-- Michael Webb -- 28 July 2014

"Awesome work with Piano! Please release more piano content, it is amazing."
-- Shriram Tallam Puranam Raghu -- 11 September 2015

"I really enjoy your soundtrack for the game and wish you luck on your future projects."
-- Lovell Chang -- 21 October 2015

"Absolutely fantastic work!"
-- Orren Webber -- 09 December 2015

"Sometimes a good track helps you get through the tough parts. Many of these tracks including my favourite help me do just that :) Favorite track: Rooftops - Combat Phase."
-- Vincent Porter

"Found this artist while searching for Dungeon Defenders soundtrack. I was keen to listen to this album (Piano Works) and instantly fell in love with it. As someone who loves listening to instruments such as Piano, violin etc. this is easily one of the top albums I have heard so far. It is really calming and amazing. Every track is pretty great! Favorite track: Focus."
-- Shriram Raghu

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